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“We can’t find people.”

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We don't just find people; we establish meaningful connections with them

And with our personal and professional domain expertise comes empathy for those on both sides of the ball. We prioritize the humanity in hiring - nurturing the marriage of fit, core competencies, values, goals, and growth objectives. 

We approach recruiting with the planning and precision of an intelligence operation, applying our knowledge and sourcing methodologies to unlock talent to achieve your hiring goals. Our market knowledge, insider access, data-driven methodologies, and focus on human skills differentiate us from competitors in matching individuals with opportunities.

 It’s the most common refrain, especially in GovCon. That is not our challenge. Our mission is - in tandem with our clients -  to identify and market your unique value proposition and  professional opportunities to well-qualified talent. 

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We approach recruiting with the planning and precision of a military or intelligence operation, leveraging our expertise and unique sourcing methodologies to unlock the talent to meet your hiring goals. 

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