Our Story & Values

We Prioritize the Humanity in Hiring.

Mike Bruni founded TAL-STRAT in 2016 out of a deep passion for the art and science of Talent Acquisition (TA). Collectively, our partners have more than four decades of experience serving the national security mission.

We are a boutique, full-service talent acquisition consultancy that offers clients and candidates tailored solutions to talent planning, mapping, placement, and retention challenges. We specialize in building, designing and training diverse, driven, and professionally satisfied teams to meet and exceed an organization’s objectives, capabilities, and potential for innovation, agility, and sustainable growth. 

We prioritize the humanity in hiring – the marriage of career fit, core competencies, professional values, long-term goals, and pipelines for growth – for both prospective candidates and employers.

Our Values


Recognizing that the business of hiring is not simply about talent placement, but an entire professional ecosystem in which the treatment of people is our top priority. Engaging clients and candidates with respect, honesty, transparency and ethical behavior through all interactions is fundamental to our business operations and personal practice.

Client satisfaction and mutual respect

Setting, managing, meeting and exceeding expectations, providing excellent service through prompt communication, reliable results, and personalized attention. Valuing diversity, treating everyone with dignity and empathy, and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Continuous improvement and innovation

Striving for excellence and identifying better ways to serve clients and candidates. Seeking out and embracing new ideas, technologies, and approaches to stay ahead of industry trends to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions in an evolving talent landscape.