Our Services

“Running a football franchise is not unlike running any other business: You start first with a structural format and basic philosophy and then find the people who can implement it.”

Bill Walsh, The Score Takes Care of Itself

We live and breathe the whole talent ecosystem.

At TAL-STRAT, we live and breathe the whole talent ecosystem: organizational and process design, brand building, recruitment, sourcing, technology, training, analytics, attention to the candidate experience, and surgical talent mapping and placement.


Because we are a boutique consultancy, we are empowered to tailor our services to meet a client’s specific needs. In addition to providing full-service recruitment & placement of candidates, we also specialize in the following:

TA Strategy Design & Implementation

We don’t just put players on a field without an overarching game plan and a thoughtful strategy to yield maximum results. We can architect a comprehensive talent framework that aligns with your organization’s short and long term goals and objectives.

Brand & Proposition Development

An employee value proposition (EVP) is a set of benefits, rewards, and values that an employer offers to its employees talents, skills, and contributions. We help clients create and successfully message their EVP to attract and retain top talent, differentiate from competitors, and align employees with organizational goals.

Staffing Design for Proposals & Bidding

We understand the nuances of government staffing. We can help your organization review a government solicitation and build a robust bid through talent capture staffing plans for proposals and strategies to populate staffing tables.

Recruiter Technology Advisement

We conduct an audit of a client’s existing recruiting processes and technologies and recommend solutions that fit a company’s goals and budget. We can also support the integration of new recruiting technologies and train employees on how to maximize them for efficiency, performance, and desired results.

Customized Recruitment Training

We provide tailored training on topics such as sourcing, messaging, recruitment tradecraft, and maximizing recruitment technology for efficiency and results to recruiters and hiring managers to develop skills and codify best practices.

Recruiter Coaching

TAL-STRAT provides one-on-one and small group coaching sessions to improve recruiters’ skills and effectiveness in sourcing, screening, candidate selection, and time management. This empowers recruiters to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the recruiting field and implement them in their organization.

“Reverse” Recruiting

We work one on one with clients interested in exploring career transitions, employment growth, and executive search and placement opportunities. In addition to coaching a candidate on how to develop their personal brand and capitalize on their experiences, we conduct searches, identify potential career fits, and engage with prospective employers on clients’ behalf.

Speaking Engagements

An authority on the full talent ecosystem, Mike Bruni is poised to share his expertise on a host of recruitment topics. His profile can be found at: https://speakerhub.com/speaker/mike-bruni